Listed below are the names of the known managers of Barking FC prior to the move from the Vicarage Field in September 1973. Prior to Managers the team was run by Committee Although the dates of appointment and leaving are not known the sequence is correct:-

Billy Williams
Jim Patient
Pat Jolly
Micky Dulin
Harry Hill
Joe Fascione
John Adams
John Evans


Since Barking FC played their first match at Mayesbrook Park after the move from the Vicarage Field in September 1973 there have been twenty five managers since Eddie McCluskey to current incumbents Glen Golby and Steve Willis.

Manager Assisted by From  To 
Eddie McCluskey Johnnie Johnson/John Ford November 1970 May 1980
Harry Cripps Alan Ingram August 1980 January 1982
Peter Carey Micky Janes January 1982 December 1983
Ernie Walley Fred  Beumont December 1983 January 1985
Bobby Arber Fred  Beumont January 1985 December 1986
George Borg David Patient December 1986 November 1989
David Patient Bobby Makin/Bryn Key November 1989 September 1992
Perry Coney Tony James September 1992 May 1994
Dennis Elliott Tony James May 1994 May 1995
Lyndon Lynch Phil O'Reilly August 1995 November 1995
Gary Seymour John Simmonds November 1995 January 1996
John Bennett Mel Attwell January 1996 May 1996
Paul Downes Steve Brice August 1996 May 1998
Arthur Wenborn Spencer Pratten August 1998 December 1998
Kurt Davidson Tony Rogers January 1999 July 1999
Craig Edwards Paul Downes July 1999 January 2001
Paul Downes Alan Marson January 2001 May 2001
Richard Thomas Paul Rogan/Mark Lord June 2001 July 2003
Mark Shelton Billy Gilman/Carlos Paulette August 2003 October 2003
Dennis Elliott Jay Devereux October 2003 July 2006
Jay Devereux Ashley Marsh July 2006 May 2007
Rod Stringer Eddie Crace June 2007 November 2007
Dave Ross Bert Hoyte/Steve Munday November 2007 November 2008
Steve Munday Alan Dickens/Rob O'Brien November 2008 April 2012
Alan Dickens Jeff Sears/Rob O'Brien April 2012 October 2012
Mick O'Shea Jeff Sears/Rob O'Brien October 2012 October 2015
Glen Golby & Jeff Sears October 2015 June 2017
Steve Willis
Glen Golby Jeff Sears June 2017 August 2017
Steve Willis &      
Justin Gardner
Steve Willis & Anton Stephenson/Jeff Sears August 2017
Justin Gardner


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